Saladita Farm School:
Learning Through Nature

At the Saladita Farm School children learn all about farm life, local flora and animals and how to care for them, gardening, soil and compost, seeds, and watering, all while incorporating important skills such as math, reading, writing, problem solving, survival, and observation in a bilingual environment.

We put important emphasis on recycling, art expression and emotional understanding through different techniques, games, songs, crafts and dynamics.

We have two programs:
– Weekly and monthly programs for visitors and tourists.
– Program for locals.

Program Dates:

How to sign up:

About Our Bilingual Teachers

Mariana was born in Mexico and is a graphic artist with experience teaching art and garden classes to children in rural communities.

She has a passion for nature, world cultures, and herbolary studies, with a background working in regenerative agriculture projects for the past 8 years. Mariana uses this knowledge to design the curriculum for the classes.

Santiago is a farm volunteer and was born in Argentina and raised in the United States.

Santiago is employed as a Lifeguard and swim instructor and is certified in CPR and first aid. He holds a bachelors degree in elementary education.

Along with his passion for cooking and arts and crafts, he uses his background to bring all his knowledge to the farm and share his special and unique way of understanding life.