Join Our Surf Adventures

Come ride with us, and your life will dramatically change, as you become the surfer that you always dreamt you could be. You will receive 2-3 hours of surfing instruction per day and we will include all surf equipment, which includes the highest quality surfboard selection anywhere. More than just pushing you into waves, we provide a practical education about the subtle nuances of paddling, catching waves, making it out through the waves, etiquette in the line-up, ocean safety, and the many equipment choices that exist today. As you progress through the week, you will graduate from beginner-friendly softboards to molded epoxy hardboards and finally to a hand-shaped Siren custom surfboard. For our Stand Up Paddle retreats, we provide Siren SUPs, the ONLY stand-up paddleboards designed by and made for women; and we use the best paddles in the business, KIALOA.

Because surfing and stand up paddling employ so many aspects of physical ability, most of the retreats are designed with a holistic approach to improving your abilities in the surf: Yoga sessions enhance flexibility, balance and core strength; while massage therapy helps to dissolve any tension that may have developed after a fun-filled day in the waves.

Siren Surf Adventures is proudly sponsored by the following companies. We strongly believe in these brands and you’ll see them throughout your surf adventure.